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A Single Tip That Can Make Your Body Fat Go Away Forever

Have you tried almost all of the weight loss tips and advices from everyone? Did they produce results? If yes, was it sustainable?

Pinterest graphic showing a human standing on a weighing scale focused only on his feet. Text on the image written "Health Tip source: Filipina in Canada dot com" - A single tip that can make your body fat go away FOREVER.

In my case, I was not a believer of most weight loss advertisement. I am more interested in those people talking to me about a weight loss thing which showed themselves as results. Either way, I am not an obese person. I gained weight, yes, when I was hooked to getting more shifts as a resident doctor in a tertiary hospital situated in Taytay Rizal, which in return, giving me more urge to eat out every single time I am outside the hospital. What can I do? Eating out made me very happy during those times maybe because it was some form of rewarding myself from staying in the hospital for more than 72 hours weekly with shifts of 24 hours or more on alternate days (except Friday, because that was my clinic day).

But that habit was really not healthy at all. I can get any sweets that I want. I can drink all the sugary drinks I want. Anytime. Anywhere. Any day. I could not resist the temptation while in duty especially after a wave of toxicity. Nobody told me to stop. I thought I could live that way.

Came August 2016, I moved to Canada to be with my husband who lives in Toronto, Ontario. When I went here, its like I had all the time in my life during the first month. And that was the time that I noticed the following: I preferred loose clothing to hide my belly; I needed pants that have wide waist; I feel like I am pregnant. Well, I diagnosed myself for having a central obesity. My extremities were really not that fat, but my belly was huge like I am carrying a 15 week-old fetus.

I think that can also explain why my PCOS symptoms aggravated. I would not have menstruation as long as 4 straight months!!! Who the hell would think that is normal? You would even think you are pregnant if you are a woman who experienced that. There is a correlation between PCOS and obesity; And in obesity, there could be some form of insulin resistance. In insulin resistance, your body’s response to action of insulin has diminished. Hence, selected diabetic patients (yes, some patients could get more benefit from other diabetic meds) receive medications like Metformin to nudge their body to react with insulin’s presence in their blood.

I guess I have been stimulating my body to produce insulin long enough by eating more than my body needs, which could have resulted to decrease in insulin sensitivity. (FYI: When we eat, our body produces a hormone called insulin to absorb glucose from the blood and storing it as glycogen or fat). You see the word fat? That could be the reason why I gained too much fat around my belly. Now, with my fucked up hormones, how will I expect myself to get away with PCOS?

I have shared My PCOS Journey here in my blog and you can see there that I was given Metformin to treat my PCOS. And guess what, after 3 to 4 months of believing I can feel better, I got results! I lost weight (from around 130 lbs to 110 lbs, approximately) and I also became pregnant (and I couldn’t be more happier with results other than that).

After giving birth, you know, like any other mother, I had pregnancy fat. I could not recall my exact weight during that time but I assure you, I was fat. My face, extremities, hands and feet look swollen. My belly, despite baby being out already, was still big. Yet, I am not worried because those are physiologically normal. But then, my husband told me if I want to, I can start shedding off my fat by reducing my intake of highly refined sugar. After 2-3 weeks, I literally lost most of my pregnancy fat! My postpartum belly fat remained though, but nonetheless, I was surprised with the result.

So what unique advice do I have for you on losing excess weight? It’s a very simple single advice:


What does it mean in weight loss? How do you do it? Will it really make me lose my body fats? To answer these, let me take you back to my previous stories.

I had an on and off relationship for like 3 years with my prescribed medication for PCOS. I opted not to take it regularly, unconsciously. I could have made more effort to remind myself but I did not care. Though, on 2017, I PREFERRED TO do better. I was taking medications as instructed. I made a reminder. I tracked completed dosages. There was PREFERENCE in choosing the heavier task to get results.

On the other hand, post-pregnancy I still ate regularly but what changed? I PREFERRED to take coffee without milk and sugar; to eat rice, pastas, and other carbs in moderation; to snack on healthy options and not on junk foods; to drink more water than sugary drinks. I changed my PREFERENCE and provided results as well. It’s like my mind tells me I wanted to get a freshly made milk tea with pearls, but my hand took a glass of water instead. It is all about your preferences!

It is understandable to fall deep into the comfortable zone of food abundance because we are human after all. However, consider this thought: 

Eating just the right amount of food your body needs will lead to a lesser fat accumulation

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