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5 Steps to Do When Dengue Fever is On National Alert

When you heard or read the word “National Alert”, it means the authorities in a country are raising awareness of an incident nationwide. As of the writing, Philippines has declared National Dengue Alert after a spike of more than 400 cases of dengue leading to death.

Key Facts about Dengue:

So how do we keep ourselves from contracting Dengue Fever? Well, the only way to do that is by avoiding exposure to the mosquitoes that brings the disease. And these are some of the steps that you can follow:

  1. Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water to which they lay their eggs. This gives you the hint to keep away from storing water in containers around your house without covering them properly. Tip: Empty and clean your water storage containers weekly.
  2. Dispose your garbage accordingly. Remember that your number one goal here is to keep your place clean.
  3. Remove artificial man-made habitats. You got man-made fish ponds in your home? It’s best to do scheduled disturbance of water (example: running the waterfalls every now and then)
  4. Make use of personal household protection measures like window screens, and insect repellents.
  5. Spraying insecticides during outbreaks – its one of the emergency vector-control measures

Did you notice absence of infection within your household by doing these steps? If you have other steps to share with our readers, I will highly appreciate seeing them in comment section!

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