Common Elementary School Accidents and How to Prevent Them

When kids are at school, they are more often than not actively moving, playing, interacting with people, and exploring. Exploration need not to be restrained just because of the minimal risk of having an injury – if there is a relatively high risk of getting hurt, teachers or any school staff will definitely not allow the kids to do it.

So, how do we avoid the risk of getting injured? First, we have to know what are the common school accidents:

Pinterest Graphic showing chairs on a classroom with text "Common Elementary School Accidents" and the source site "Filipina in Canada dot com"
  1. Fall
  2. Spilling hot liquids and/or food
  3. Touching electric wires
  4. Touching sharp objects
  5. Swallowing chemicals or any poisonous material
  6. Bites from animals
  7. Motor vehicular accidents

Want to learn how to avoid them? Read on…


Any object on the floor can cause someone to oversee it leading to slips, trips and falls. Liquids that pool on a certain spot are also something that teachers must attend to immediately or students may call the teacher’s attention if unnoticed. Teachers and students must help each other in maintaining their classroom free from fall accidents.

Kids might also decide to climb up an elevated area. Better to let your kids know that this is not advisable especially if they are doing it without supervision.

Spilling hot liquids and/or food

Keep the kids away from these. Yes. That’s basically it.

Touching electric wires

This particular accident is very dangerous that it can cause shock or cardiac arrest to the affected person. Advise the kids to not touch any electric sockets, wires, plugs, and switches.

Touching sharp objects

If the kids need to handle scissors or any pointed or sharp material to create crafts, they should always be supervised by an adult/teacher. Once done using, keep them away by storing them on their proper place.

Glass bottles that becomes broken can happen anywhere and that includes the school grounds. Make sure kids stay away from these and clear the broken bottles immediately.

Swallowing chemicals or any poisonous materials

Keep any type of chemicals, including medicines, away from the children’s sight and reach.

Bites from animals

Beware of roaming dogs or cats (Yes, cats can scratch very well, for all you know!). They could be friendly, but they could also be startled by the kids’ movement that may lead to harm.

Motor vehicular accidents

Unsafe street crossing must be explained to the students. Examples are not crossing on the pedestrian lane, not observing oncoming traffic, distracted walking like texting and wearing headsets/headphones. Educate them on why should they pay attention to their surroundings.

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