Cost of Living in Canada: How Much is a House for Rent

Locals who started a family, bachelors who wanted a good personal space, newcomers (individuals or families from other countries fresh from their first landing in Canada) — these are just some of the people who are looking for ‘house for rent’ in Canada. There could also be some who are yet outside Canada but already in the search for renting a house.

My small family is currently living in Greater Toronto Area, specifically the Durham Region. For people who have set their foot already in Canada, they can easily start their search from checking classifieds. There are a number of free publications you can pick up in various locations: fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, medical buildings, store fronts and even along the sidewalks you can spot covered newspaper stands or boxes where you can get free local community newspapers, or rental guide prints. Otherwise, you pay for major daily newspapers to get your hands on the advertisement section.


Also, another advantage of locals is having personal contacts who they can ask if they know a house that is currently available for renting. They could also ask a favor to let them know immediately once they spot a ‘house for rent’ sign.

If you are outside Canada, your only option to check out the available houses for rent is by browsing the internet. Searching through Google more likely is the easiest way. But since you are here in my blog, I can give you the common websites that are being used here to view listings.


Here are the websites where you can view listings of houses for rent:

Cost of Living in Canada: Rates on House for Rent in Canada (Durham Region Area)

Now, I will be showing examples of price ranges on different housing types that you can rent in Canada.

In Durham Region, as of July 2019, you can rent a 3-bedroom detached house for as low as CAD2,100 upto CAD2,500. A 4-bedroom detached house is almost in the same range (CAD2,200 – 2550). In townhouses, 2-bedroom units can be priced at around CAD1,800, while a 3-bedroom will be at a range of CAD1,900 to 2,500.

TORONTO, ON – Feb 26. A townhome development at William Jackson and Bronzedale in Pickering. Stock assignment for real estate. (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star) More images in emma Rene Johnston Toronto Star/Toronto Star

Houses in Canada commonly has a lower unit, also called as basement. Some home owners occupy the main floor and have the basement rented out. Some put up prices for each: one for main floor, one for second floor, and one for the basement (based from the very first rental house we stayed for a year). Some will separate the price for the main levels (ground and second floors) from the basement and in case a client wants the whole place, he/she has to pay the total amount; the advantage though is that you get a cheaper price to have the main levels for yourself/your family.

For furnished basement/lower unit, you can see rental rates from CAD850 to 1250. You have to take note where the entrance is located. It is of course best to get the ones that have a separate door leading to basement apart from the main door. But if you do not mind getting inside the main floor before you walk into your rented basement, there are also available units like that just to let you know.

There are also apartment buildings that you would want to consider for housing options. 1-bedroom apartments are usually priced at around CAD1,500; 2-bedroom apartments are in a range of CAD1,700 – 1900; 3-bedroom apartments can be taken at CAD2,000 and up.

Whether a house, a basement, or an apartment, all of them include bathroom/s, necessary appliances (refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, dishwasher – the last two may not be present in some), heater and air-condition, parking, and backyard. The rental price posted in listings are rate per month and they usually exclude the utilities, which is another thing you have to consider in your monthly expenses. Also, note that landlords terms require you to pay the first and last month’s rent so the initial payment amounts to doubling the price you are seeing.

Based from the latest exchange rate of your currency and Canadian dollar, how much are the prices if converted in your currency? Is it within the same range of house rental rates in your country? I would like to see the comparison in the comments!

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