Weekend Coffee Share: Why can’t a mother have a 30 hour-day?

So I learned this #weekendcoffeeshare hashtag in WordPress and I thought why not make a post every weekend just to have something to write on. It is actually a good idea as this certain tag will collect my personal posts within my blog.

The previous weeks have been very productive and busy for my family. Who would have thought I have already surpassed the first year of parenting with my first born daughter? It was a year filled of sleepless nights, happiness, agility training, and mindfulness. I learned a lot from this motherhood that made me more mature and responsible – yet it is just the beginning! All of our days together are so special that makes me so glad I had the opportunity to stay at home with Kara. I thought I would get bored alone with a baby, but no. She has been doing a lot of things that makes me more interested to play, sing, and talk with her.

Kara just had her very first birthday party and it was a great short afternoon kids party! I had fun hosting the kids game. And just like the baby shower a year before, I made some DIYs again. I started working a month prior for all of these: Number 1 Pinata, table centerpieces (folded flowers ordered from a friend), customized birthday banner and invitation, party favors for the kids, adult game board, and high chair tutu skirt. I feel well accomplished after seeing them altogether,

Mothers usually come back to work after 12 months of combined maternity and parental leave. But in my case, I had an option to go back or not since the type of job that I had prior to birth is a casual contract. Being a casual worker means I am hired for a specific period of a calendar year. When the job is done or the term is completed, so is my contract. Now that my baby is 1 year old, I can now come back to workforce and look for a child care, which is something you have to reserve months prior, they say, as they are very limited in number of children intake and institutions are also not that many. Also, they are pretty expensive that you will spend roughly $1000 per month.

I missed working but I will miss my baby too when I go back to work. My husband doesn’t mind if I stay at home for the mean time. I also don’t mind at all since I have been planning of doing a lot of things for myself too. I started studying for a certification exam that can bring my resume to a new level of opportunity. I also have been working on a guide book that I am eager to publish soon – I even have another guide book in mind that I will immediately work on once the first one is done! Look how my brain is so filled with ideas right now! I am actively thinking of contents to post here on my blog as well. In fact, I wanted to do more blog series:

  • Marijuana Mondays – to post informational blogs about Marijuana and its health benefits now that it is legalized here in Canada
  • Cost of Living in Canada – already started and still ongoing; ideas are everywhere and must be organized
  • Featured Filipinas – I have to decide yet how to write this particular post because the contents are important real life stories that I will be getting from Filipinas around the world
  • PCOS Stories to Share – I wanted to collect stories about the hormonal disorder that I am having as well, I just don’t know who and where to reach out

Recently, I have been reading random webpages giving info about Pinterest and using it to drive traffic to your websites. Also, reading on interesting articles about potentially earning money through online. I sometimes see the sites then I couldn’t read them because of something else I have to do so they get stuck on my browser for weeks until I get the chance to read them on. There was actually a time that there were 30 tabs in my phone’s browser collecting dusts! On another note, I have some purchased books waiting for me to touch them again and I have downloaded/saved to favorites some audiobooks as well – I can’t play them when I am with Kara as our playlist contains and must be Wheels on The Bus, Old Macdonald Had A Farm, Baby Shark and all those Nursery Rhymes that ONLY catches her attention.

If only I have more time to read and apply all the things I have learned right now…

Looking on the other side, I must not forget that child’s early years will pass by so fast I can only enjoy it for a moment – and this is the right moment. The time for self-learning can wait, but Kara’s childhood years cannot.

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