Weekend Coffee Share: From Gratefulness to Sharing

I found myself very busy for the past two weeks. Aside from hustling my 24/7 job as Kara’s mom, I try to bring back the routine of being a housewife. We finished moving all our stuff (thanks to hubbee for doing most of the work) to the storage unit we rented and to our current home, at my in-laws’. This will be again our place to stay as we build our funds to buy our first own home.

Living in North America makes you more responsible, I think. Back in the Philippines, I often do dishwashing. I don’t do laundry, I used to help mom when I was a kid but I got busy with university and followed by medical school. Here in Canada, I learned how to manage our household when we first moved out as a couple and lived in an apartment. More so when we moved to a detached home with all the three of us living together. But of course, I don’t want to get all the credits. My husband has been amazing for helping me out as much as he can in every aspect of our lives.

I felt like machines are heaven sent because they make household chores easier. Pile of dishes isn’t a trouble anymore as you just put them inside the dishwasher (just make sure everything you put inside is dishwasher-safe) and then click the Start button to run it. This means more time for other productive tasks!

Ready-made meals or leftovers are easy to heat up using microwave. Boiling water will just take few minutes with an electric kettle. No more handwashing of clothes because of washing machines, and drying of clothes in just an hour or so with the help of clothes dryer. Aren’t we so lucky? I am very thankful for these appliances. We all should be!

While Kara is asleep, I get this adrenaline rush to complete my “to-do list”. If there are clothes to fold, then I should do them now. If there are bottles to wash, I should start them now. Otherwise, I head on to my laptop and learn something new!

Recently, I finished a mini course on how to do Dropshipping. I have been eyeing for the past months on researching about this, but thankfully I was able to find a course! Thanks to it I now have the basic idea on how the process is. So why am I interested on it? First, I’d like to try it! Why not? I am frustrated merchant anyways. Second, I am going to put the idea on the e-book that I am going to publish! The e-book that I am working on is not all about Dropshipping. It is in fact a guide book for stay-at-home moms like me!

Facebook has been my go-to place if I’d like to be entertained, to be updated on how my family and friends are doing at the moment, and to see what is happening in other places, mostly in Manila. But for the past few months, I have been experimenting on some amazing features on Facebook.

Pages is something I am very fond of. I have created a total of 6 Pages for the past years, but deleted the 2 old ones leaving behind 4 Pages to manage. Recently, I created a page called Millennial SAHM, wherein my goal is to showcase opportunities to stay-at-home moms and support businesses owned and operated by homebased moms by promoting them. I also want to offer free short courses that I think will be relevant to them. Right now, I am thinking of doing Free Facebook Ads Course to level up their game in marketing.

Personally, I have created 3 successful Facebook Ads which I learned by myself. Thanks to Facebook for giving me free credits that I can use on my first advertisement. That free credit was put into good use because with it, I was able to see the process on how to setup a campaign and learned the apps that you can use to manage your business page and most importantly, your ad. I was able to see and experience live analytics on my ads like how many people are seeing my ad, how many people have clicked on it, how many people have sent inquiries, how many likes have I gotten for today and for this week, and many more. If there will be enough people interested to get the course, then I will post lessons weekly FOR FREE!

Aside from all of these, I decided to start producing tweets on my Twitter account just to make it look alive! I have thought it would be a good storage of my random thoughts about my comparisons between Philippines and Canada. Also, I can share interesting facts about Canada, well actually, those topics that interest me! If you would like to connect with me over Twitter, just look for @dokcas and comment down in one of my post that you’ve read my blog! Here is a screenshot showing a sample of my #FilipinainCanada feed:

That’s it for now! Have an awesome Thanksgiving weekend from #FilipinainCanada!

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