Weekend Coffee Share: Accomplishments for September + Baby #2

Who would have thought I will be able to give an online mini course on Facebook Ads? I just completed sharing video lessons for the first batch and I have already started the second batch due to high demand! The first batch has 50 students, but made it down to 25 because some of them didn’t follow my rules. Now the second batch currently has 18 members and I hope they will take advantage of this free course by following my rules.

My platform in teaching this free course is Facebook group and I just upload the video lessons every week for 4 weeks. The video is a screencast of my laptop monitor presenting the PowerPoint slides while I narrate/discuss. I was amazed on some students that they are really into the lesson as they ask good questions! I wish this will happen too on my second batch.

I was able to provide this free course because I wanted small businesses to know that Facebook can be used to reach more customers for just an affordable price! Also, I can do this free mini course because I have a lot of time on my hands right now -aside from being a full-time mom! And I think I will be getting more time at home since I learned that I am expecting baby #2! My EDC is around end of April 2020. Since I am on my first trimester, I am starting to feel the body changes and the accompanying nausea. Whatever it is I am enduring, our family is growing now and I am happy about it!

Speaking of growing, the community on my Facebook page is growing partly because I have been running ads for the past few days. This ad is about the release of my very first e-book called ‘Income Stream Ideas: 9 Ways to Earn Money While Being a Stay-at-Home Mom’. I offer it at a very low price so that anyone who’s interested won’t hesitate to get one just because she can’t afford it. So far I have made 5 sales already and there are pending payments that I cannot count yet as sales. I really hope this e-book could reach many Filipino women before the year ends!

I am starting a new blog series this October and it’s going to be called Weed Wednesdays. There is already a scheduled post on Wednesday this week so please watch out for it. My goal in this series is to learn everything about Cannabis and share my learning here on the blog. This means reading and researching for me on my free time! So follow my blog if you want to join me on this project!

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