Tips on Maternity Winter Clothing

I am already on my second trimester and my belly is getting bigger now. This second pregnancy is so far going good just like the first one. There were no remarkable issues for me to worry about. Though I enjoyed being preggy the first time during the spring-summer season, I now go think about my growing belly during the cold winter season this time. What makes me think a lot about the combination of my pregnancy and the season, you ask? It’s what maternity winter clothing should I wear!

One time, I went to this maternity clothing store to ask if they carry fleece pants for pregnant women. They showed me jogger pants and I think its material is fleece-like but it is thin and somewhat baggy. Other than that, leggings, skirts and pants were available in their store. I was like “Okay, will try my search on the other popular maternity store!” But since my next target store is three towns away from the location of the mall where we were, maybe I will visit them some other time…

A Pinterest graphic showing a pregnant woman being hugged by a man and both are holding the belly. A text below shows "Tips on Maternity Winter Clothing"

I only go out whenever my daughter and I have medical appointments, when we go to the grocery or to the mall, during my morning volunteer job on a Saturday, and whenever we wanted to go somewhere during the weekends. Even though it is not an everyday thing for me to wear outdoor maternity winter clothing, I still need to plan on it especially now that my belly is growing and some of my regular clothing creates a peek-a-boo effect now.

Layering to Keep You Warm

As of the moment, I usually put on a shirt and wear a jacket, a cardigan, or a sweater on top. Then when its time to go out, the last layer I will put on is the winter jacket or coat. None of those are new since my old clothes can still fit my early second-trimester body.

If your sweaters are not giving you enough coverage and you do not want to buy something from a maternity specialty store because they could be very pricey, I suggest you buy an oversized sweater that you think you can still use even after pregnancy.

Accessorize For Function and Style

For added warmth and comfort, put on a toque and a cable knit scarf. A scarf can be tube or open-ended. With the latter, you could let it drop from your neck to provide warmth on your belly as well.

Buy the Basics

If you will buy maternity clothing, I would suggest getting some stretchy maternity t-shirts that you could use from second to the third trimester. Choose plain colored shirt and include white, black and grey as they fit with any bottom you will wear.

For the bottoms, I prefer wearing leggings and I like the additional coverage that maternity leggings have for the growing belly. Beware though you can end up shivering outdoor if you wear leggings only during winter. Hence, I suggest wearing leg warmers and/or wear a long winter coat to cover up your thighs. Another tip is to wear knee-high or over-the-knee boots paired with the right length of thick socks.

Maternity Winter Jacket or Coat

There are nicely crafted maternity jackets that you can buy. Its like a regular jacket for non-pregnant women but once your belly grows out and you’re now unable to zip up that jacket, there is a 2nd piece that you can attach to provide more room for the belly. They may be pricey but if you would like to invest in a good jacket for your everyday needs, it is worth the price!

Another option is to get a poncho or cape that can accommodate your body well as it grows throughout your pregnancy. It is like a cozy blanket that you can wear during and after pregnancy! Yes, you don’t have to worry about ditching this item after giving birth.

Do you agree with my ideas here? I shall update this blog in case I figure out something else along the way. Maybe you have other tips that you can share, too!

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