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30-day Happiness Guarantee: The Promise Tested

My beloved pair of eyeglasses broke because my daughter played with it while I was not wearing it.

I was not paid to write this review. Everything you will read here are based from my personal experience.

I spent roughly Php20,000 for my eyeglasses back in 2016. I had it made in LensCrafters Philippines; one branch is located near our house. And since I haven’t had any new glasses since I came here to Canada, I had no idea how much it would cost to get a new pair.

I found two branches of LensCrafters close to our place, so my husband and I went over to the Pickering branch, where there is an available time slot for an eye exam. There, I learned that my new pair of glasses would cost CAD500+, which, when converted to pesos, is almost the same as the price I spent for my broken glasses four years ago.

Instead of grieving to my broken eyeglasses, I looked at a different perspective on what had happened.

Dividing the cost of my old glasses into four years makes it look like I spent Php5000 a year (or 125 in Canadian dollars) or Php13.70 a day (CAD0.35). Not bad, right?

And since we have medical insurance that covers a maximum of $200 every two years, I only get to pay the remaining balance. Much better, this time around!

When You Think You Got an Awesome Frame And It’s Not

So after four days, I received a call that my new pair of glasses is ready for pickup. Yey! It looks so lovely, and it’s a unique style for me too. I went home and wore it for the rest of the night – while doing what I usually do.

Guess what, it turns out it doesn’t fit my head perfectly. The arms look like its wider than my head’s width. The length of the arms is too long for my head as well, and the bent curve that should be around the ears isn’t sitting exactly where it’s supposed to be.

I decided to bring my glasses to the other branch in Oshawa (the closer one to our place). It must be a blessing that I get to be assisted by a customer-focused optician named Shin.

He initially made my request to make adjustments to my new glasses. Then after multiple tries, he went back to me with honest feedback.

The maximum adjustment he can do on my new pair of eyeglasses is already made. Yet, it still can’t fit my head’s width perfectly. It always falls when I look down.

Shin said the frame I chose wouldn’t fit an Asian head. He also mentioned that I would keep on coming back to the shop for adjustments because it isn’t the right frame for me.

I might have chosen something that looks fancy, but unfortunately, it is not for people like me who have a little head.

So I asked, “what should we do with my new pair?” I can’t afford to go back and forth to have it adjusted.

He then offered me to get a new pair as my purchase still qualify for their 30-day happiness guarantee.

When a customer isn’t happy with their new purchase, as long as it is still within the 30 days, they will do their best to make it right. In my case, the right offer is to get a different frame with the same type of lenses.

So, I went ahead with choosing the right frame for me. Shin was there to guide me like telling which frames are the excellent choices for my small Asian face. My husband also gave his comments, such as if the glasses look too big for my eyes or if the shape of the frame isn’t working well with the shape of my face.

After choosing the next frame I will be having, measurements were done. And I get to change the shade for my transition lenses from gray to brown, which I think will blend with the color of my chosen frame.

There was a price difference between the first and second frames. So we had to pay for an extra $20+.

Now, I am just waiting for the call that will tell me the replacement glasses are ready for pickup. I really can’t wait.

Wasted Time and Resources

The time spent bringing back the new eyeglasses to the shop, the time spent for readjustments, the time and effort spent to look for a new frame – all of these, to be honest, is wasted time for the customer.

Also, creating a new pair for the customer means additional expense to the business. You may say, “Oh, you are talking about a big company, the cost of making a new one won’t matter.”

Well, in my opinion, whatever the size of your business is, business owners want to minimize the operational costs as much as possible. Or maybe, to cover the extra expense, companies may put that additional cost to the consumer’s shoulders by raising all the product prices much higher.

I think the replacement glasses could have been prevented if the first optician I have met has done his job the way he should – just like how Shin did his.

Have you experienced something like this before? Wherein you have purchased an expensive item, and yet when you went home with it, you feel that you were not satisfied?

2 thoughts on “30-day Happiness Guarantee: The Promise Tested

  1. We actually experienced exactly the same thing, and Shin helped us out as well. We went to lensecrafters at the OC, Del chose the pair that she liked but it ended up being too heavy so we were able to change it for a lighter pair after a couple weeks. She’s much happier and we’re loyal customers now.


    1. Look at that! You guys were helped out with the same person. Isn’t he amazing?
      I hope I will be happy (like Ate Del) with my second new pair of eyeglasses – still waiting tho!


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