5 Simple Acts of Love You Can Do To Your Partner

When you already have a kid, you and your partner usually spend most of the time with the little one. The time spent together is lesser compared to times when you guys are still a couple.

In our case, we find time to still show our affection to each other. Whether through small talks, random text messages, short video calls, and even a quick kiss or hug now and then, it surely helps to remind both of us that we are still husband and wife, while we are also mom and dad. These little acts of love bring happiness to your marriage life as well.

As a mom whose time is mostly consumed by looking after a kid and at the same time grabbing some ‘me time’ if an opportunity is on hand, I can easily skip the extra effort for my husband if I wanted to.

But since I decided not to, I tried to find ways to show some love here and there. There are many ideas a person can think of, but I want to share 5 small things you can do to show some tender love and care.

Put his favorite snack into his lunch box

For sure, you already know by now what are your husband’s favourite snacks. Sneak them once in a while in their lunch bag if they bring one. If not, slip it in the outer pocket of their work bag.

This could be a form of surprise, or it could become a comfort food in toxic work days!

Send a text or two while he’s at work

“Did the fidgety guy talk to you again today?”
“Have you eaten your favourite cookie?”
“Where do you plan to get your food for lunch?”
I ask specific questions instead of just asking, “How’s work?” or “How’s your day?”. I think it’s way better to start a small conversation.

Don’t get upset if he replies late, though. Your husband may be too busy with his responsibilities at work.

Give him a collapsible cup for his morning hot coffee

My husband was so happy to get this type of cup. Saves a lot of space when the container is already empty! Take advantage of simple things that make him happy.

Let him do an activity aside from work, babysitting and house chores

My husband loves to do jiujitsu. It’s his choice of sports nowadays and it keeps him active, which he needs because he spends the time at work sitting down almost all day.

Ask your husband if he wants to do something out of work and support his idea. If time is a problem, consider talking about your family schedule so both of you will be fine even if your husband spends extra time outdoor.

Treat grocery shopping as a date

We often go for a date because we had to arrange babysitting when we do that (the inlaws are always happy to do that anyway). But since life with a toddler is different from a couple’s, you can change your perception of some activities you usually do as parents.

Instead of thinking that grocery shopping is a task, look at it like its a couple’s date where you can bond. Talk with your partner as you stroll around the grocery aisle. Share your plan for the next week. Ask about the audiobook he is currently listening to. I bet you guys won’t notice the time – unless you are in a rush!

What other simple things you think we can add to the list? I’d love to know!