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Has COVID-19 been affecting you and your life lately?

Now that it has been declared as a pandemic, COVID-19 is causing a fuss in various aspects of daily life.

You see aisles in grocery stores becoming empty because hoarders are out to grab hand sanitizers and bathroom tissues that will supply them for at least three months.

Companies are implementing mandatory work from home to selected employees – this is happening right now at my husband’s workplace. Sick people are also advised to stay at home instead of pushing themselves to go to work.

Businesses, big or small, are sending out messages to their customers on how they are doing in terms of precautionary measures to continue the business.

In schools here in Ontario, the school closure extends up to two weeks after the March break.

In our family, my husband and I decided to cancel our plan to go to the Sesame Street event happening at York Durham Heritage Railway this weekend.

I was excited to see the place and to see my daughter have fun on that day. But since the declaration of COVID-19 status of becoming a pandemic, you can’t blame us for not taking the risk and prioritizing our health.

I also have cancelled a meeting with a client as a precautionary measure. I hope they would still allow me to create healthcare content for their blog despite the cancellation of the in-person meeting. (I did offer a video conference as an alternative, though!)

We are also worried about the current situation in the Philippines. The president has just announced that flights to and from Manila are being banned from today until April 14th.

Unfortunately, my mom’s flight is within those dates. I hope flights to Canada won’t be affected by the time she needs to go – we badly need her to stay with us during my postpartum months.

How about you? Has the COVID-19 issue affected you, your family, and your career/business?

2 thoughts on “Has COVID-19 been affecting you and your life lately?

  1. My job is definitely on the line as the business I work for is quite a tiny production. I, myself have taken on self quarantine due to my husband being an ER nurse. I feel like I may be a liability to others. I worry constantly in the back of my mind but I try to keep busy.
    I hope your mom makes it to be with you guys!


    1. It would take a while before we get my mom here, but thanks for your kind words.

      I hope you and your husband won’t contract the virus. Stay safe!


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