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The Only Winter Accessories You’ll Ever Need To Get Through Your First Cold Season in Canada

A list of winter accessories you need on hand to face the cold months ahead.
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Winter Accessories for Newcomers

You’ve just moved to Canada, and you need to survive your first cold winter. Aside from jackets, coats, and winter boots, you also need winter accessories to provide additional warmth while outdoor – whether you are off to your new job or to the grocery store.

Winter can start in November and last until the end of March. The average winter temperature in Canada depends on where you are and the time of year. Winters can be harsh in some parts of the country, which can be close to –15 degrees Celsius and can even drop as low as –40 degrees Celsius with severe wind chills. In non-coastal regions, snow can cover the ground for longer months.  

Now that cold weather is coming, it means it’s time to get your closet ready. With so many winter accessories on the market, don’t buy more than you need to. Instead, check out our list of everything you should have on hand to face the freezing cold months ahead.   

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you use those links. You may also want to find something similar on our listings for your first winter in Canada.  


When the temperature drops, you will definitely need a beanie to keep your head warm. Wear it with any outfit, be it casual or sophisticated.  

If you’re going for something simple but cute, try getting a fur pom pom beanie! You will be able to wear it again and never have the same look with your usual one.  

Or get something with bright colors and fantastic patterns. You can wear it with your favorite black sweater and jeans! 


With the winter season, you may swaddle up while still trying to stay trendy. Fortunately, scarves are not only designed to keep us warm but also to look great. You can choose from bold colors and patterns to classic knits that never go out of style.  

Some tips when buying a scarf to wear in winter:

  • If you’re looking for one to wear outdoors, we recommend a wool scarf.
  • For indoors, silk or cashmere may suit you more. 

We love this blush pink and ivory white because it’s chic, comfy, and costs less than $ 50!  

And for a more contemporary style that complement colors perfectly, this berry color block design is fabulous that you will want to wear all winter long. It adds character to your colder days. 

Neutral colors work in almost any situation. Combine a beige scarf if you’re wearing a lot of browns and tans. And gray scarf… Ahh, it goes with everything! 


A pair of gloves is essential in Canadian winter clothing. Your hands will be the first to get cold. But having to remove them to use your phone can be a hassle. I prefer technology-compatible fingertips and thumb holes to make life easier. In particular, I adore this pair from Soia & Kyo. Its style is timeless and 100% extra soft leather!  


Fight the chills on your toes! Buy socks meant to be worn in cold weather and prepare to double up. Remember to check if you can still wiggle your toes while wearing thick socks on your boots, just to avoid frostbite!  

We love this soft, charming socks on Indigo. It’s extremely warm, a sweater-soft step stitch knit in whisper white combined with a soft plush lining ensures perfect comfort. This classic style sock is ideal for wearing them high! Otherwise, fold them to make a slouchy slipper bootie. 

Spending the afternoon snuggling and having comfy feet is one of the best things about these colder months! 


It’s good to invest in waterproof boots (or at least make your boots waterproof). If you are planning to do outdoor activities, choose something designed for it. If you just need something to walk around the city, Doc Martens will do just fine for you and won’t make you look exaggerated. Also, we find this classic Chelsea Boot style from Hunter, a versatile boot that you can buy. This pair works just as well with tailored pants.  

I think we’ve given you some great tips to consider ahead of time! Are you now ready for your very first winter experience? Have we missed some must-have winter accessories? Let us know in the comments!  

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  1. Hi Kat, I am planning to visit my daughter’s family in Canada and I want to experience the winter, so next I some early advice for the mens’ winter clothing.

    I hope you can give me some tips in your free time or in your new article describing mens winter suits. Thanks.


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