Is there a way to get a Canadian job offer to earn points toward Express Entry?

To answer this question, let us look at the business side on how’s process they need to take when offering a job to someone outside Canada.

In order to hire someone outside Canada, the employer must obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment. This is to prove that no one in Canada can do the job, hence a need to hire a foreign worker.

This regulation ensures that workers in Canada get hired first – whether they have a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Residence status.

Let’s say the business did apply for LMIA. It will take up to 6 months to complete the process. And it’s not free ─there is a processing fee that’s not refundable.

They also need to spend for advertisement for a month, which could cost them thousands of dollars, as a proof of the job availability. And if they received a suitable application from a Canadian resident or a permanent resident status person, then there’s no need for them to hire a foreign worker.

You must also consider that there are plenty of skilled Canadians and highly educated and experienced immigrants who are already living in Canada.

In addition to the regulatory requirements, Canadian employers don’t have the time and resources to verify an applicant’s qualifications and references if they are outside Canada.

You may wonder if there are chances of paying under-the-table to get a job offer. It’s going to be impossible because Canada has significant penalties for this type of fraud. Now, if a company asks you to pay and get a Canadian job offer, that’s not a job; that’s a scam!

Basically, it will be tough to obtain a Canadian job offer unless you have the world-class expertise that a specific Canadian sector would need.

But if you are worrying about the express entry application, you might want to focus on getting higher points in other eligibility requirements rather than looking for ways to get Canadian job offer.

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