Jackets vs Sweaters: Beginner’s Guide + 2021 Spring Fashion Trends for Newcomers to Canada

Coming to Canada for the first time is exciting! But you should also check your wardrobe if you have jackets or sweaters to keep you warm this spring. Are you wondering what is the difference between a jacket and a sweater? Well, knowing them will help you decide which one to wear. So, without further ado, let us look closer at how they differ from each other.
Jackets vs Sweaters Beginner's Guide + 2021 Spring Fashion Trends for Newcomers to Canada
Jackets vs Sweaters Beginner’s Guide + 2021 Spring Fashion Trends for Newcomers to Canada

We all know that jackets and sweaters ultimately serve the same purpose: to keep us warm and toasty no matter what the temperature we face. 

Men and women likely have a closet full of these — even if they don’t know exactly which is which. Terms such as jacket and sweater are often used interchangeably these days. You probably refer to that sweater as a jacket and you never thought you’d be wrong, did you? In order to make things easier, let’s define them first.


The term jacket derived at the origin of the French name jacquet, which means a light or small tunic. A jacket is a clothing intended to cover the upper part of the body. Usually, jackets extend to the middle of the abdomen or hips and have front openings. It can be worn over other clothing such as T-shirts, shirts or blouses. 

Spring is a good time to visit Canada. Everything comes back to life after winter, and temperatures begin to rise. As a newcomer to Canada, you should always check the weather status of your location and where you plan to go, as well as the type of activity you want to do in advance for you to know what’s best to wear. 

Spring may have its cold days, so wear a heavier jacket just in case. Make sure you bring enough layers so that you can be comfortable at warmer and colder temperatures. If you’re exploring the city, you may need a casual jacket or a soft jacket. On the other hand, if you want to explore rugged terrain, you may need other types of jackets.

Type of Jackets

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Now that spring is here, it’s time to keep the heavy fabrics in favor of some lightweight and pretty spring sweaters. In the 15th century, knitted clothes were made by the fishermen and sailors’ wives from natural wool which, while retaining its oil, protected from the cold even when damp. In the 1980s, it was adopted by athletes in the United States and called a sweater.  

Sweaters are knitted garments that cover the upper body. It is traditionally made from wool, but now there are many materials available aside from wool, i.e.,  cotton and cashmere.

Nowadays, a lot of people love to wear it since it does look like an effortless garment that will keep you comfortable and warm. There are certain types of sweaters in the market such as shawl collar, turtle or roll neck, zip quarters, V-neck, and crewneck. 

Types of Sweater

What is the difference between a jacket and a sweater?

Let’s compare them through the following: on the way they open, the way they are made and how heavy they are.

Front Opening

Jacket: Zipped, or closes with buttons or other fasteners

Sweater: Usually not zipped but are pulled over the head


Jacket: Jackets are not knitted

Sweater: Some sweaters are knitted

Material Used

Jacket: Made up of various types of finer fabrics, such as nylon or fleece or woven wool, denim, leather and wool blends

Sweater: Made up of wool stitched materials or a mixture of wool substitute

Collars and Lapels

Jacket: Jackets have collars, lapels, and pockets

Sweater: Sweaters don’t have collars or lapels


Jackets: Often lighter weight because they are designed for practical application such as sports clothing (except for winter jackets, which will likely be heavier and waterproof).

Sweater: Heavier, usually worn for extra warmth in cold seasons. But there are lightweight sweaters on the market today that are perfect for your spring fashion.

Added Clothing

Jacket: Worn over other clothes

Sweater: Can be used alone

2021 Spring Trends for Jacket and Sweater

 Soft Jacket 

With its lightweight design, soft jackets are perfect for any season. It is an ideal cover up for those cold summer evenings. In spring, they become the perfect layering piece. These functions make soft jackets an essential clothing throughout the year. 

You’ll feel wrapped in a teddy bear when you wear this jacket. It is made of soft Sherpa-like material with easy front buttons. The one with a slightly oversized plush jacket features classic shawl neck detail and dolman sleeves fallen for an added shape. 

Bomber Jacket

Wrap yourself up and go out there! The trends now cling to the sporty style with a bomber. These styles of classic bombers are so comfortable that it makes a spring essential. It’s a relaxed cut with a zipper closure at the front.

The bomber jacket is a timeless style of clothing that everyone doesn’t miss out. It’s trendy and versatile which comes in a variety of styles and perfect for any occasion. If you’re a new immigrant looking for something to keep you warm during the spring or a statement style to complete a casual outfit, the bomber is the answer.

Oversized Sweaters 

Large sweaters are getting more and more trendy. People now buy oversized or thicker sweaters because it’s not only perfect to wear when temperatures stay above 0°C, but it’s so warm, cozy, and cute.

Eyelash Sweater

The ultra-soft eyelash knit makes a relaxed and beautiful fit texture to any attire. Pair with leather leggings for a stylish look! This soft sweater forms a V-neckline, nice off-the-holder  or crew neckline that offers a versatile style for every look.

Making the Choice

As new immigrants to Canada in search of ways to wear jackets and sweaters, here are some additional tips:

  • Invest in some great tops including jackets and sweaters, so you can easily switch up or layer your outfit day-to-day  
  • Choose clothing that provides both comfort and style
  • Find the right clothing material that suits your preference and will lasts for a long time

Which one are you going to wear today? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section! And don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter to get more valuable insights for immigrants to Canada.

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