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Have you thought about staying connected to your customers whenever you want to?

Understandably, business owners spend most of their time maintaining the business operations. Sure, you do converse with your customers as they visit your business, but what happens when they go out of that door? Don’t you think it would be nice to still get connected with them wherever they are?

This is where I can help you reach out to your prospective and current customers even when they are not visiting your business website or brick-and-mortar store!

I’m Karen Alinas, an international medical graduate who shifted from direct involvement with patients to working with healthcare business owners.

Maybe you can tell by now – my medical background and experience will give you a remarkable advantage when producing written content for your audience.

What can you get from me?







How can all these marketing materials help me in my business?

Well, by creating relevant healthcare content, you prove your business credibility.

Also, by delivering a message that addresses your clients’ needs, you get their trust!

I am a healthcare professional. I can directly communicate with the customers and answer their questions. Why would I want you to speak on my behalf?

It’s great that you give your 3-5 minutes to your customers and make a direct communication. But let’s say you are seeing 50 clients a day, if you are giving them a minimum of 5 minutes each, that will consume a total of 4 hours of your time!

How about providing a supplement to your discussion in the form of written content?

Also, take note that sometimes, your customers may ask you more than 2 questions. Or answering specific queries takes a longer time to discuss.

Now, what can be a solution to a limited time conversation?

You can direct your customers to your website blog that gives them, let’s say the solution to their worries. Or maybe, you can directly email all of your subscribers to let them know about your current promotion that your customers could benefit from!

Your followers on social media may also get quick health facts straight from you. In that way, you are standing out among your competitors! Social media is being used by billions of people, so making it a priority puts you ahead of most of the folks out there!

How can I profit from these online content?

For sure, businesses always look at the ROI (return on investment) when using a marketing tool. Blogging for business is not an exemption to that. Well, let me show you the statistics that reveal how blogs can affect the reader’s decision-making process in purchasing a product or service:

I’m not totally sure of using a online content as a marketing tool. I prefer traditional marketing like radio and TV ads.

Traditional or outbound marketing tools will always be available anytime. But, you have to consider that they are pretty expensive and it is being shown to the general audience.

Good thing, there is an alternative cheaper choice called inbound marketing. It is a type of marketing that focuses on your target customers. The goal here is to convert your visitors to leads, and later on into customers that will buy your products or services.

Here’s a quote from the VP of digital strategy at Cafe Press:

Inbound marketing is no longer a convenient add-on or experimental area for companies. It is a required method of doing business in today’s more consumer-focused world… Inbound is often more cost efficient than old-school, outbound marketing. Inbound is often better at building long-term customers rather than short-term sales… Understanding how and why companies are using inbound vs outbound marketing is critical to building these more effective approaches for your own business.

Jason Falls, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Cafe Press Inc.

Do you now want to bring eyes to your business, create interest and build customer trust?

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